Sweethaven Studio is the dream of Greg Nikas. If there is one thing you should know about Greg is that he lives and breathes photography (but hey, everyone has their faults). He will never admit it but he has over twenty years experience working as a professional photographer. 

So, what's this big dream? It's to live the concept of "life as art" pure and simple. You are his art. You deserve the benefit of his passion and experience.

Our hometown of Newburyport and the surrounding areas offer a visual feast for location photography. The enchanting ambience of our seaport city and its rural back roads create a picture-perfect backdrop that even Hollywood couldn't duplicate.

When you think of Greg at Sweethaven Studio, picture him chasing light in the parks, on the beaches, in your back yard and living room. To book a portrait session, please call 978-465-7656.